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#TribeExclusive Featuring Adora

A multi talented musician, Adora (@adora_kisting) is undoubtedly one of Namibia’s finest artists with a voice that stands out after a decade of singing and perfecting her craft.

On this #tribeexclusive, Adora shares her story of new beginnings, going through hard times and rising through it all.

Her second studio offering, ‘Rise’ was birthed at a time when Namibia is experiencing hard financial time and it was named by her father. “We’ve been complaining so much the past year and this is just my humble plea for Namibians to rise above the circumstances, and I always think about the people who are you know little less fortunate than we are, and hence the shacks on my cover,” says Adora.

‘Rise’, she says, wasn’t necessarily an easier project but putting it together was a smoother process compared to her first project. “We had more time to plan and we had more time to strategise and make sure we put you know good effort into this project. The first project I had to release as soon as I could because you know you only have so much shelf time in the industry.”

For Adora, music should always be able to touch people and it should be more impactful and not only popular. “I always try to speak what I really feel, and when an artist expresses themselves from the heart on music, I think that is what makes music, because before it being a banging song, it should be a timeless song,” she shares.

She applauds younger musicians who are rising up to take their spot in the limelight. She has gone as far as working with rising musicians – which has most often resulted in hit songs.

“I think bringing something new is a little overrated, but I really wanted to work with humble artists and to be quite frank, I didn’t think about who to work with per se but I sort of just let things go with the flow, and I’ve worked with Jayden, I’ve worked with Kalux, I’ve worked with Jaliza,” she says while adding that the popular names are not what she chases when plotting a collaboration.

Adora also produces and stars in a reality show which airs on Youtube. ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ is a collaboration with fellow musician Tulisan. The show reveals a different side of Adora, minus the makeup and glamour of show business. On top of that, Adora produces another show, ‘The Album Crunch’, a platform for artists by artists to talk about their albums.

These are the few projects that Adora has been keeping busy with when she isn’t conquering the music scene with her unstoppable energy and passion for performance.

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