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900 Pensioners registered so far on debt write-off program 

Councilor Queen Omagano Kamati, the Mayor of the City of Windhoek, at the first ordinary Council meeting of 2024, pledged to focus on critical issues that are essential to enhance municipal service delivery and improve the well-being of residents. The mayor announced that the City of Windhoek has started the registration process for the pensioners’ debt write-off program on 15 February 2024 with close to 900 pensioners having registered so far. The Mayor reminded pensioners that they can register at City of Windhoek offices in town, Katutura, and Ombili for their convenience. Non-pensioners and businesses do not need to register because their interest relief will be processed automatically. The City of Windhoek is providing relief to its residents with the writing-off of debts of over N$500 million, including over N$200 million for pensioners. This initiative will provide greater financial flexibility to residents during these challenging economic times.

The Mayor also warned against water wastage, stating that despite the water-saving measures introduced last year, weekly monitoring of water consumption shows that the city has exceeded its water consumption. Although the city has received good rainfall over the last few weeks, it is still crucial to conserve water. If the city does not reduce its water demand, it may have to impose penalties in the near future. Therefore, the Mayor urges everyone to remain vigilant about water leaks and wastage in and around homes and places of work and make every effort to save water. She encouraged residents to stay up to date with the latest water conservation situation in the city by following the city’s social media platforms.

-City of Windhoek