99FM Old Mutual Wealth Conversation Cafe #2

What a night. A soul awakening. Listen, learn, live and thrive. #itstartswithus #99conversations

On 29 September, 99FM and Old Mutual Namibia Wealth hosted the second of a series of five Conversation Cafés at The Taste Academy.

It lived up to the magic of the first event – a pure indulgence in the fine art of conversation, the event generated a whirlwind of positive energy around the topic “When is enough enough”, that left nobody untouched or unchanged.

” Have a really honest conversation with yourself first” ~Table 7
” We are enough” ~Table 5
“Life motto= happiness over wealth”~Table 1
” A conversation is a process of learning from each other”~Table 3
“Change your diet change your personality”~Table 2
When is enough enough in terms of money? ” when I don’t have to worry about money.”~Table 6
” My addiction is love” ~Table 9
“Society has made us believe it will never enough. We are overconsuming”~Table 8

Here’s a toast with the very best of wines from Nouveau Wines Wines & a welcome extra cold  Castle Lite Namibia over fine dining – to new friendships forged, new perspectives gained and a simply beautiful evening all round.