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99FM Standard Bank Namibia Conversation Café

Moving Forward Through Conversation – an inspired evening powered by Standard Bank Namibia – with the theme “Where on Earth Are We? As Human Beings, as Africans, as Namibians & as Custodians of the Earth.”

Unbelievable conversation, incredible food accompanied by Nouveau Wines / Melle’s Quarterly Wine Club.

Some comments from the evening:

“Let’s not forget we live in luck.”

“A rekindled sense of self.”

“Listening to others can be both daunting and brave, but a progressive learning experience.”

“If we’re all going to play this game, let’s all play at the same level.”

“Focus on the longterm strategy every day.”

“In order for change to happen, we all need to work together.”

“There is more to language than what is said.”

“We have more in common than not.”

“Tonight I met the best version of myself.”

“We learnt to appreciate that in many ways, we are all the same.”

“Winds of change are blowing – diversity is the solution to the future.”

“Society should not dictate who you are and what you do.”

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