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A little “Spring” back in your steps

3 simple steps to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself as you welcome in Spring.

As nature transforms, so do we.

Spring, a season for fresh new beginnings.

It’s time to put the winter blues behind us. I for one am happy to. Happy to put away binge eating and comfort eating, as I fold away my jerseys, and heavy duvets. Happy to put away the melancholy, with its long dark winter nights. Happy to add more light into my life. Happy to spring clean my apartment as I spring clean my life.

After being in hibernation for six months, I’m ready to breathe in life, to be outside…of myself and EXPAND.

Spring is the time I usually gather enough zeal to take me to the end of the year, or at the very least carry me through “October-itis”.

Here are 3 ways I plan to  “Spring-up” my life.

  1. Give myself permission to be happy

Over the past three years I’ve been experiencing a “quarter-life crisis”. Sufficing to say its been a roller-coaster of emotions and discoveries. With that came the conscious decision to start living my truth, my purpose.

Giving myself permission to be happy means:

  • Making a conscious decision to live my best life, mentally, spiritually, physically and Psychologically.

  • No more negative self talk. No more sabotaging. No more excuses.

  • Finding healthy alternatives to negative habits.

Not forgetting to be more patient and forgiving (with myself). Especially on days when I fall and revert back to my old habits. On days when my midnight snack consists of ice-cream, Oreo cookies, milk, potato chips, and an all night marathon of binge watching Netflix. The day after such days, I must (with kindness) remind myself to do better…to be better.

  1. Let go of things that No longer serve me.

I’m spring cleaning my apartment.

I’m sorting out my wardrobe and giving away clothes I haven’t worn in a year. I’m throwing away old receipts that just cause clutter, and old junk that takes up space.

I’m also getting rid of people that I can’t take with me on the next phase of my journey.

I’m deleting “friends” that are just numbers, they too add clutter.  Unfollowing toxic people who only seem to complain. Deleting all those that put on a facade and make me feel bad about my life. I’m blocking and “ghosting” those that prefer me to stay where I was; fat, depressed and unfulfilled, because somehow it made them feel good about themselves. This new me seems to threaten them somehow…sooouu…bye!

  1. Goal Check

Resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams. Whatever you choose to call them, I have them written down in a journal and I need to see where I am in accordance to where I want to be.

Accountability is everything.

I need to revisit them, and track my progress (or lack thereof). Without that accountability they’ll stay just dreams, just goals, just hopes and dreams.

Going through your goals gives one the opportunity to make necessary adjustments and alterations. It helps you see HOW and why you failed, and how to best follow through. And if you’re on track it gives you the boost you need to keep on going.

Spring is a season of renewal.

If you’re like me and feel like it’s time for that reset button, there is no better time than now.

It’s not too late, you’re right on time…you’re on YOUR time.

Breathe. Put one foot infront of the other. Press Refresh.

Happy Spring!


~Sibongile “Sibo” Tshabalala