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Being Happie Ntelamo-Matswetu

Former Miss Namibia (2009). Fierce Mother Of Two. Runs Her Own Law Firm, Ntelamo-matswetu & Associates.




Name: Happie Ntelamo-matswetu

Hometown: Katima Mulilo

Occupation: Lawyer

Three Words That Describe You: Honest, Loyal and Humble.


If You Were Able To Give Yourself A Name, What Name Would It Be And Why?

I’m really bad at names so I’ll say I’m good with the names I was given. If I start thinking about it, I might end up with something ridiculous.


What Is Your Fondest Childhood Memory?

Christmas with the entire family at the riverside. Christmas meant brand new clothes just for that specific day/purpose, delicious food, family and for us kids, playing all day.


When Do You Feel Most Like Yourself?

I never have times when I don’t feel like myself. I have been in places or situations that were outside my comfort zone, but I remained myself and handled it accordingly.


What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Bungee Jumping. Lol!


What Do You Do For Growth?

I interact, I read, I listen, I workout here and there. I learn and work on the aspect of life I want to grow in. But above all, I pray for the growth I want to experience.


When Was The Last Time You Did Something That Challenged You And What Was It?

2016 when I started my own Law Firm Ntelamo-Matswetu & Associates. It’s the most challenging thing I have ever done.

If Happiness Was A Currency, How Rich (Or Poor) Do You Think You Are? 

Just about a million bucks rich and working towards a billion. I have to live up to my name, Lol.


What Would Enough Look Like To You?

Not to sound selfish but I don’t see enough in my future, because when I achieve one goal, I set another. Everyday I’m living to be a better person emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. So, there’ll never be enough, I can always be and do better. It’ll look like a balanced comfort as opposed to enough.

Imagine Yourself On Your Deathbed, How Would You Like For Your Life To Have Looked Like?

A life of fun, honest living, hard work and filled with many wonderful people.