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Being Reinhard Mahalie

Name: Reinhard Mahalie

Hometown: Keetmanshoop

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Three words that describe you: Fearless, Energetic & Passionate



At birth, if you were able to give yourself a name, what name would it be and why?

In all honesty, I don’t think I would ever replace my name with another name. My name has done so much for in my life, I have molded my birth name in a brand that made me who I am today.  However, I do have an alter ego called Roman Zolanski Knowles.


What is your fondest childhood memory?

Whenever I could dance. Growing up I danced a lot, whether it be at school events or in my residential area forming groups and contending against each other. My born talent is dancing & that’s what most people don’t know about me. I also cherished moments with my late grandmother, the empowering talks and laughs we shared.


When do you feel most like yourself?

My freedom to do anything I want and desire, everyone should have/be given the freedom to think, speak, act and express themselves – period.


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I will not say afraid, but take more risk.  Definitely travel to all corners of the world, especially islands.


What do you do for growth?

Navel-gazing and never repeat the same mistake. As for fashion styling, I like to read and watch on fashion styling to grow in my industry and leave my clients with a lifelong style tip.


When was the last time you did something that challenged you and what was it?

I cannot remember, usually I will ask for help or Google, sometimes, I also avoid challenging situations, but most importantly I try to learn whenever I am in a challenging situation.


If Happiness was a currency, how rich (or poor) do you think you are? 



What would enough look like to you?

If everyone I love and I have a comfortable lifestyle, then I might hustle less.


Imagine yourself on your death bed, how would you like for your life to have looked like?

God forbid, I still have a lot to offer to the Namibian fashion and entertainment industry, including Africa and the world at large. I am such a dreamer.☺

Besides being a legendary fashion stylist, I would like to embark more on philanthropy projects. In a nutshell I want people to know that I had the ability to transform someone’s image and give back to people.