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BIPA extends Annual Duty Penalty Waiver Programme

Following extensive feedback and demand from the local business community, particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) has extended its Annual Duty Penalty Waiver Programme for an additional three months, until 30 June 2024.

Originally launched on 15 November 2023, with an initial conclusion date of 31 March 2024, the waiver programme received significant interest from businesses across diverse sectors. However, recognising the challenges faced by many businesses in adhering to the programme’s timeline, BIPA has opted to extend it to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all eligible entities.

Vivienne Katjiuongua, CEO of BIPA, emphasised the importance of proactive engagement with the programme, stating, “We implore all business owners to seize this opportunity from the outset and not postpone participation, to ensure a smoother process and expedited service. During the initial phase of the programme, BIPA noted a significant number of clients who waited until the final days, resulting in prolonged waiting periods.”

During the extension period, BIPA will conduct a regional outreach initiative, visiting various towns and regions to provide businesses with the opportunity to participate in the Annual Duty Penalty Waiver Programme. This outreach effort aims to foster greater engagement and awareness among businesses, particularly those in underserved areas.

Businesses interested in participating in the programme are encouraged to stay updated on BIPA’s announcements and outreach activities in their respective regions by visiting the BIPA website and the various social media pages in the coming week.