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Black Vulcanite Bringing ‘Heavens’ To Earth

Black Vulcanite (BV), a hip-hop/poetry group consisting of Mark Question, AliThatDude, and Okin.

2013, a 15 track EP

2016, a full length album.

2019, a Single.

I still remember when the EP ‘Remember The Future’ dropped. I was at home, A friend of mine called me and wanted to have a listening session. She came by, EP and food in hand, because what’s a listening session without pigging out.

“Lady in the blue dress”, “ Beware of cars”, and “Visions” forever on repeat ever since then. If this was a CD, those three tracks would be scratched, screeching and skipping.

Fast forward, three years later. My Vulcanitor and I are in two different time zones, yet a 2 am Skype call brings us in one space: Black Colonialist has dropped and we are all ears, all waves, all vibrating on one frequency.  

19 tracks. An  Afro-awakening. One particular song had us by the heart strings and tugged harder than primary school kids playing tug of war. We sobbed to the lyrical voodoo that was “If it’s not you”. I missed her, she missed me.

And Now….

Now she calls me to check my Instagram, she tagged me on a post. Excitedly she refuses to tell me what it was and only says, “just go check”. I hang-up and proceed to do as I’m told. Lo and behold there it is, A new single after what feels like aeons.

This one won’t be an easy treat. They’re making us work for it (as though waiting this long wasn’t torture enough). Here’s the deal: This new single would only be released only after the post receives 1 000 likes on ALL their social media platforms (which it did).

If you’re a BVulcan like my girlfriend and I, then you know listening to BV is a spiritual experience. Which makes the new single “Heavens” the second coming.

I call upon everyone in the congregation, to rise, lift  their hands up high, to raise a hallelujah and experience pure heaven!

The single is available on Donlu (click on the link below).


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