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Bloggers Hang

Bloggers…those opinionated hippie misfits.

I love bloggers, she says being a blogger herself.

Bias aside, I believe we’re all bloggers. You might not be a hippie misfit, but you do have an opinion about something. You do have interests and passions you share with your close friends and family.

That’s the beauty of being a blogger. You don’t need to have an opinion on EVERYTHING. You don’t even need to be an expert. All you need is a story, an experience.

Blogging is connecting.

Connecting begins with sharing.

Which reiterates my belief that we’re all bloggers in our own way. In the way we share our love for ourselves (selfies) and our food. As we share our opinions and rant on, on Twitter. As we share Family vacation moments and stories on Facebook. That family and friends Whatsapp group you love so much….yep, that’s a bloggers hangout.

What then separates the wheat from the chaff?  One thing…ok maybe two.





Posting random pictures and stories on social media is one thing. Intentionally documenting and curating your life, and your story, makes you a real blogger.

A real blogger simply doesn’t share the perfect “selfie” (story). They show the selfie behind the selfie.

Herewith is the bravery part: Being transparent.

Sharing the good, the bad, the failures, the bruises, and the life lessons which ultimately led to growth…we hope (lol).  

A real blogger must be brave.

Brave enough to open themselves up to scrutiny and judgement.

So, we take the risk.

It’s worth the risk to rip your heart out of your chest and share it with anyone who is willing to look at it’s bleeding veins and say, “me too”. 

At inspirations tables, many bleeding hearts will be beating with personal journeys to share.

Mine will be one.


My title is:

Afropolitan: Turnt, Shook, woke and adulting.

Quite a mouthful…I know. Should tell you how Shook I really am.

Check out the bloggers hang.

Bring a hug and a kleenex too. But most of all, bring YOU. That’s all a blogger ever needs. One beautiful soul to relate to.




For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/inspirationtables/

DATES:  30th August to 1st September 2018

VENUE: Windhoek Show Grounds

TICKETS: Get tickets at webtickets.com.na



~Sibo Tshabalala