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Celebrating Multichoice Namibia’s 25th Anniversary with Ali Majiet

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What do you do at MultiChoice?

My responsibility is looking after customer services all over Namibia. We have thirteen agents in different towns and it is my responsibility to manage those relationships. We have over a hundred and twenty installers whom we also assist on a daily basis. I have a very competent team that supports me in ensuring that we achieve our targets as well as follow through on our customer service value chain which is providing one stop customer services. I’m also responsible for looking after the transmission network, of our signal, that’s now satellite as well as rebroadcast. If I say rebroadcast, that’s now GOtv – we have a few sites in Namibia. If there is a technical problem, I need to contact our local technical teams, who are on standby, in different towns.

What has been keeping you at MultiChoice for the past 24 years? 

I work with quite a vibrant young team and I have their support. Firstly, it’s the people, secondly the ever changing technological environment. There is never a dull, boring moment at MultiChoice Namibia. We always have something new up our sleeve that we roll out. It’s challenging and learning all the new technology, the new gadgets that’s coming into the market, and ensuring that we roll this out and the market to the best of our ability. That is why I’ve been here for 24 years.

Share one of your favorite moments or highlights with MultiChoice for the past twenty-four years?

When we moved over from analogue to the digital transmission. It was quite an exciting period of the company’s life because, now from antennas and your small satellite boxes to satellite decoders was quite a change. During that period, I was also involved with rolling out the new PVR decoder and they invited me to South Africa. I was involved with the tests, making sure that the functionality is what the customers would need if there’s new added enhancements. That was a major highlight in my life.

What is your biggest success up until now? 

It’s quite a few but the one that stands out, was where I was given the responsibility to run with what we called the rebroadcast network. We rolled out to sixteen towns in a period of three to four years. I was given carte blanche to go to these towns, put up the infrastructure from scratch, negotiate deals with the local municipalities and worked closely with the technical team from South Africa. It was a challenge and a joy at the same time, because I was gong to bring a smile to people’s faces in those towns even if it was one channel or two channels at that stage.

How has MultiChoice enriched your life?

Personal development. They gave me a lot of opportunities to study and I also travelled intensively in Africa. I’ve been to Dubai a few times, meeting different cultures, meeting friends especially my counterparts in different countries whom I am in contact with on a daily basis.

How has MultiChoice from your perspective, enriched the lives of Namibians?

MultiChoice is the only company in Namibia that brings great entertainment to our customers’ homes on a daily basis. We also have our corporate investment project, where we provide educational bouquets, including hardware, that’s decoders and TV’s, to over three hundred schools in Namibia. Some of these schools are very far in the rural areas. Some of these kids at one stage have not even had an opportunity to see what a television looks like. I think we do enrich a lot of lives especially from an educational perspective.

Has your association with MultiChoice allowed you to enrich your community in any way?

Yes, I was involved in building a school. A kindergarten in Katutura. It was only a two classroom school. It was a big initiative for us. If you look at the circumstances, how this school looked, the kids who attend this school – when we were done, seeing the smiles on these kid’s faces and the difference we made in their lives was really inspiring. I’m also involved in a local soccer club where my son is playing soccer. We are planning to take the club to Stockholm in Sweden. They are going to participate in the World Youth Cup in July. I am involved in raising funds for the trip to Stockholm for the soccer club and I am also part of the management team.

What position does your son play?

He plays midfield for the Ramblers under thirteen team.

Do you have a message for MultiChoice Namibia for the 25th Anniversary?

Congratulations MultiChoice Namibia. Thank you for what you are doing for us and the customers on a daily basis. Keep on enriching our lives as well as the lives of our customers.