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Celebrating Multichoice Namibia’s 25th Anniversary with Cornelius Shikolaye

Life Changing Experiences

Cornelius Shikolaye, is a GOtv customer and was born and raised in Northern Namibia. He is an entrepreneur and owns Evatello Trading market, with several branches in Katutura.

Has MultiChoice’s service evolved over the years?

It is very popular and they always improve their service over the years.

What is your favorite TV show?

I like news. International news like AL JAZEERA, BBC, CNN and NBC for local news. I also like sport because sometimes I watch soccer.

Is there a specific highlight for you?

I like the news more than anything else. It shows me what is happening in other countries like how all the people in Syria are suffering because of the war.

How has GOtv met your entertainment needs?

You can watch anything you want. It opens up the world to you which can be life changing.

How has it been life changing for you?

GOtv changed my life because now I see and learn many things. Now I know lot of things, even things happening outside our country. That’s why I like international news, there you can see what is really happening in the world.

Has it allowed you to dream?

Yes, it has. There are many shows about business. It has helped me improve my business because I see so many business ideas and I improve my business based on those ideas.

 Has GOtv in any way enriched your community?

Yes. When I got my GOtv not a lot of people could afford it. People from my neighbourhood would come to my house to watch TV. At that time, it was new to them and they were fascinated by it and always asked to watch soccer or telenovelas at my house. It brought us together.

Are you one of the first people in your community to have GOtv?

Definitely yes. I am one of the first people.