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Danny Meyer: Helping SMEs Get On Their Grind

Starting a business is a daunting endeavor. Entrepreneurship is treacherous ground.

A dear friend of mine recently started her own business, within 3 months she was ready to quit. She felt unequipped, in unfamiliar territory. She was essentially a fish out of water. She stuck with it though, “finding her way through the dark” as she puts it.

You can’t start a business without facing risks. You’ll face great struggles, from the start of your company through the growing pains as one tries to get it on it’s legs, and even as you stabilize and gain momentum.

 SMEs Competitiveness Consultancy (Pty) Ltd helps Namibian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow business, create wealth and generate employment. Their primary objective is to improve entrepreneurial, management, marketing and information technology skills of SMEs.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and under water, the good news is that many of these risks can be mitigated and there are resources available to help your business.

Danny Meyer from SMEs Competitiveness Consultancy dropped by 99FM to help SMEs with some tips on how to maneuver their way through the pitfalls and challenges entrepreneurs face.

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