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Desolate Gin, distilled Namibian gin.

Andries and Marizaan van Schalkwyk, with their cutest tod’ son in tow walked in looking like #couplegoals. If ever anyone needed a couple for the “white picket fence” poster… they’d be the perfect candidate.

Except their white picket fence is a craft distillery tucked away in the small harbor town of Walvis Bay.

It all started as a hobby for Andries.  And like most hobbies, it also started in the garage.

Then they decided to ditch the corporate world, turn a hobby into a commercial business.

Running a first and 100% Namibian operated distillery comes with certain challenges. 

“We were the first to have a distillery licence in Namibia. Doing something for the very first time and finding your way is difficult. A lot of the components we needed, needed to be imported. Fortunately, we were lucky to find a good stuff and good suppliers”, says Andries.

Marizaan, adds that working with other Namibian businesses has made it less challenging.

“We found people to do things specifically for us instead of just importing those things that we needed. Some of the components they themselves were not producing, but because of us, they did.”

“It’s very important to us, to support local businesses, because we too want to be supported,” she adds.

Their distillery produces premium, handcraft spirits in small batches and creates one small batch at a time. Only 100 bottles in a batch.

The reason is simple: Authenticity, originality and meticulous attention (and affection) to detail.

“We do everything by hand. Hand filled, hand labeled, and its distilled by hand. fermentation happens naturally, it’s not rushed, the temperature is not adjusted. To go big scale means you lose your uniqueness,” explains Andries.

Marizaan, stressed how everything is made with raw natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives or sweeteners in their finished product.

On the plus side it’s also, “low in calories”, she jokes.

Why buy craft beer or gin, instead of one made by a larger, more familiar brand? In the words of Andries:

Because there’s heart. Behind every craft product there’s a person with passion.”


For more information: https://www.distillerynamibia.com/

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Desolate Classic 7 Gin

A special selection of seven botanicals and a secret recipe form the makings of a perfectly balanced and unique distilled gin. The quintessential juniper is distinctive without being overpowering. Lemon and blueberries are complimented by a delicate balance of Coriander, Cinnamon, Ginger and Black Pepper. Light and intricate, the perfect easy drinking gin straight from the desert. Copper & Coal brings you a modern classic. The Classic 7 Gin.