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Develop Rural Areas, Enable People to Feed Themselves

“We need to think differently and take development back to the rural areas instead of having everyone flock into cities and thereby actually putting strain on the infrastructure that is already there; We already know we’ve got challenges and not only on transportation infrastructure but also on other social infrastructure such as provision of water and other amenities,” said Eino Emvula Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Namibia Asset Management. “We should not really have this issue of land being expensive especially in Namibia,” Emvula added.
When asked what hampers infrastructure development in Namibia Emvula said as Namibians we tend to plan quite well but we tend to take longer to implement. “There is a lot we need to think about when it comes to poverty eradication, it’s not just focus on infrastructure, it focuses on a whole lot of things including developing the rural areas and enabling the people to actually feed themselves to go out and create businesses, “Emvula concluded.

Spotlight News sat down with Namibia Asset Management CEO Eino Emvula dicussing,

  • Infrastructure Development,
  • Servicing of land
  • High property prices,
  • Poverty eradication,
  • Rural development,
  • Implementation



-Maggie Forcelledo