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Dillish Mathews on Trusting The Process

In this episode of the MYD Africa Show throwback series, Namibian superstar Dillish Mathews talks about her journey to success, staying grounded and trusting the process. 

After becoming the country’s first ever winner of Big Brother Africa in 2013, she became an instant superstar – garnering thousands of fans and supporters from across the world. 

MYD: Would you have any message for somebody who is in a difficult position, whether that’s their finances or just in general?

DILLISH: You should just trust your journey. Sometimes things seem so impossible. I come from a family where my mom was battling with alcoholism, so much happening around us and I was like we are never getting out of it, and then just look at what happened to me. I competed against 28 housemates from Africa with bigger personalities than me, and then Africa chose me because it was my time. So your situation is not permanent. Just trust your journey and never give up, persistence is key and that’s it.

MYD: Do you have anything that you specifically do to keep you going, to keep you balanced?

DILLISH: Well it’s crazy because there’s so many things that demand my time. I just try to do a little bit of everything in one day. I try to visit all places in one day. I try to reply to all my meeting requests in one day. See everyone that wants to see me in one day. I just try to do as much as I can in a day because every minute counts.

MYD: What is it in terms of your business that you expect of yourself?

DILLISH: I just like to be a good ambassador for my businesses or what I represent.

MYD: Do you think it’s important to have high expectations of yourself and to consider what your expectations are of yourself in all of your spaces, personal and business?

DILLISH: Not high expectations but I also don’t want to push myself too much because I did that in the past and it got me in a lot of trouble with myself.