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Exploring Traditional Innovation With Aron Hamukwaya 

This throwback series of the MYD Africa Show features Aron Hamukwaya who is the inventor of the Digital Owela Game and the Managing Director of the National Software Engineering Academy.

A young Namibian who started his studies at the University of Namibia (UNAM), Aron, through his creative ideas – secured himself a scholarship with the Ministry of Education to study Information Science and Computer Engineering in Russia. 

Hailing from the northern parts of Namibia, Aron has always dreamt of studying mining engineering. It was in his first year at UNAM when he was introduced to programming, something that showed him that he could do much more as a computer specialist. 

In addition to his passion for computers and programming, Aron is also a firm advocate for keeping local traditions alive. With his academic experience in software engineering, he was able to come up with a computerised version of the ‘Owela’ traditional game. 

He has also used his academic background to start up the National Software Engineering Academy which offers courses in software engineering and IT.

A firm believer in God, he says this of the divine direction he believes to come from God, “I think people are created differently but if it comes to you, you have to do what God has given you to do, so I don’t expect everyone to have high expectations of themselves if it’s not given it to them. You cannot have everyone becoming a President in Namibia, it’s only one President needed and that’s how God gives responsibilities to one.”