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Factors We Tend to Overlook when Investing

“The typical investor is usually concerned with market volatility (the up and down movements in the value of one’s portfolio) fueled by actual data, newspaper articles, braaivleis talks and rumours”, said  Wim Boshoff, Wealth Manager at Capricorn Asset Management (CAM). Wim further notes that another concern is credit risk (the chances of you losing money due to an investment instrument defaulting). 

In this weeks Future Invest Show Wim Boshoff, Wealth Manager at Capricorn Asset Management (CAM) speaks about the two most important issues Namibians face into their future financial well being. He talks about:
– The different risks in the investment environment,
– Factors we sometimes overlook when investing,
– Inflation,
-And Saving,
Wim also shares with us the worst experiences he had with clients.


-Article and Interview by Maggie Forcelledo