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Give Me Another Day By Elise Shinedima

Young Author and Final year student at the University of Namibia, Elise Shinedima has penned her second book: Give me Another Day

From the title one can already deduce that this is a book about second chances. A book about being given an opportunity to do something better with one’s life.

Give me another day follows the life of Natangwe, A fatherless Son. A resentful son, who witnessed his father beat his mother. A son who is on his own journey of what it means to be a man. What it means to love a woman. What it means to crawl out of the gutter of disappointment, pain and anger to live a life worth having.

What I loved about this book was how familiar it was.

“ He quickly hung up and went to get a cab. “ Hochland Park, boss,…..just at the service station, my pa.” he said.

I know that service station too well. And because of that, I was immersed in this story in way I could never be in any other novel.

On hope she writes,

“Gone were the days when he was just a guy who would wake up to go and sell Kapana in order to buy food; gone were those days he was depressed and hopeless. Gone were those days when he had nothing to look forward to and was utterly confused about how his life would turn out.”

Give me Another Day is about perseverance and courage.


Give Me Another Day is available at Uncle Spikes book shop. You can also order via email at elisetujenikelao@gmail.com and on Amazon, here.


~Sibongile “sibo” Tshabalala

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