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Global Shapers Windhoek

Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers (GS) Community is a network of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. With more than 7,000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 369 city-based hubs in 171 countries, including Namibia.

The Windhoek Hub is made up of young, dynamic individuals who are making an impact in society – young people who are willing to share their time and efforts in social projects to enhance and brighten the lives of the communities in and around Windhoek.

We sat down with GS Windhoek hub Communications representative Ndapewoshali Shapwanale to tell us more on the Windhoek hubs projects and their sustainable impact.


Global Shapers is an international brainchild, is it effective in the African context?

It definitely is. I am a stern believer in decentralisation and such a concept allows for young people who have day-to-day experiences in their communities, to identify problems, challenges and then come up with lasting solutions. This is then extended to a continental and global platform. Platforms such as Shape Africa show how starting locally is important.

One of the GS mandates is, ‘Creating a platform for dialogue’. How then do you translate dialogue into action and change?

In order to address an issue or problem, you first need to identify it. Dialogue is important for this and it also allows for deliberations and directing where to go next in initiating change and action.

What are some of the local projects that GS Windhoek has and will be running?

We recently had a symposium on the youth and economics, this was meant to create dialogue around translating your skills into a money making mechanism.

Shapers all have individual projects that speak to the core mission of the hub. We all assist each other with the different skills we possess.

How can one be a part of the Global shapers community?

Simply visit all our social media pages to find out the recruitment timelines and requirements. If you are a leader, a change-maker, team player and really want to shape your city, then the hub is for you.

Ndapewoshali further stressed that Global shapers create projects that address the needs of their community. These projects are wide-ranging – from responding to disasters and combating poverty, and most importantly building inclusive communities.

If you have a desire to bring about change, then join this dynamic Windhoek Hub and be part of the impact.

They are available on these social media platforms for more information:


Instagram- @whkglobalshapers        

Twitter- @WindhoekShapers