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Government Institutions Pension Fund urges eligible members to claim unclaimed benefits

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is calling on all eligible members to claim their due benefits, emphasizing the importance of securing their financial futures. The Fund currently holds millions in unclaimed benefits, which include Normal Retirement, Early Retirement, Resignation (also applicable to dismissals), Retrenchment, Disability benefits, Ill-Health Retirement, Death, and Funeral benefits. These benefits are payable when a member leaves employment and exits the Fund.

Eligible recipients include staff members from all Government Offices, Ministries, Agencies, state-owned entities, and Regional and Village Councils. The GIPF guarantees these benefits as per the Fund’s rules, ensuring that they are disbursed to members or their beneficiaries upon receiving a complete benefit claim with all necessary supporting documents.

The process for claiming benefits starts at the employer’s Human Resources (HR) department, where personnel files are maintained. Members must ensure that their completed benefit claim forms and supporting documents are submitted to the GIPF. Benefits can only be paid once a claim is completed, approved, signed by the participating employer, and submitted with all required documentation.

Edwin Tjiramba the General Manager for Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement at GIPF, strongly emphasizes that the Fund does not appoint agencies or consultants to act on its behalf. Members are advised to approach the Fund directly for any information regarding their benefits. Importantly, no fees are charged for services rendered by the GIPF, unlike the potential costs incurred when using a consultant.

Members are encouraged to take proactive steps in claiming their benefits. For further information or assistance, members can contact the GIPF directly.

For more details, please visit the GIPF website or contact their customer service at info@gipf.org.na.