Hit the Beat 2016 – In Rhythm we meet – 3 June

Perhaps music will one day bring us all together; maybe all the world needs is a session enjoying good drum beats. Until then, enjoy Hit the Beat 2016 in Windhoek on the 3rd of June.
From the organisers
More than ever globalisation is an issue worldwide – in Europe Refugees have opened a huge discussion how to deal with multicultural issues in many countries. In Namibia this has been daily life for more than a century. How can we deal with discrimination and prejudice? How can we make sure not to lose our own cultural identity when cultures are mixing with such speed. One possibility is communication through music. Hit the Beat 2016 sets its aim for all cultures to meet in music, dance, percussion and art, trying to put cultural identity in connection to cultural diversity. 80 learners from grade 10–12 of will be working together with musicians, artists and teachers from Germany and Namibia.

This year we have found even more Namibian artists that will participate with various classes.

Look forward to an amazing performance at Warehouse Theatre on June 3rd/4th 2016, 19.00.

Advance tickets N$ 60 at school office 061-41 52 50, at the door N$ 80.

Waldorf School Windhoek
Warehouse Theatre
Freunde der Erziehungskunst

Date: Friday, 03 June 2016 (ends 04 June 2016)
Time: 19:00
Venue: Warehouse Theatre Windhoek