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ICAN Passport to the World – If They Can ICAN with Abel Akayombokwa

Welcome to the ICAN Passport to the World series.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia have invited 99FM’s Kirsty Watermeyer to meet some of their members. Namibians who have built their careers and lives around the field of accounting.

These Namibians are the shapers of industry, captains in their fields, who are growing and building business in Namibia.

One such Namibian whose journey to become a Chartered Accountant is pure Namibian inspiration is that of Abel Akayombokwa, a Partner at Deloitte..

“Everybody’s story is unique, but I think mine is a bit unusual in a sense that my career decisions, ones that were informed quite earlier on in my life, at a time when we were still in school, career guidance was not readily available…my answer at the time was that I would like to be a veterinarian and simply because, it’s a time when I was growing up in Katima, our neighbour was a veterinarian and as a child you tend to be influenced by the people around you…little did I know that I will end up being a CA.”

Abel is an audit partner in the Windhoek Office serving clients in various industries including Mining, Construction, Properties as well as SOE sector clients. He also has vast experience in the mining, telecommunication and fishing industries.

“I said to myself there’s no option here, there’s only one option, it’s either pass or I go back home and join the people, the “unemployed” army on the street. So failure was not an option, so I did all I needed to do.”

When he completed his articles, he was seconded to the Los Angeles office (USA) where he supervised audits of multi-national corporations including some listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  Abel obtained his B.Com degree at University of Namibia and B.Com Hons Accounting at the University of Natal Durban.  Abel is a Namibian citizen and is a member of ICAN and PAAB in Namibia.  Abel is the Deloitte Namibia training officer.

“In my view looking back at my journey to where I am today, that success can only be limited by your imagination and in a country like ours, I believe that through hard work, dedication, discipline and perseverance, every child should be able to reach their dreams.”

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