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ICAN Passport to the World – If They Can I Can with Miriam Dikuua

Welcome to the ICAN Passport to the World series.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia have invited 99FM’s Kirsty Watermeyer to meet some of their members. Namibians who have built their careers and lives around the field of accounting. These Namibians are the shapers of industry, captains in their fields, who are growing and building business in Namibia.

One such Namibian whose journey to become an accountant is pure Namibian inspiration is that of Miriam Dikuua – Head of the department of Accounting, Economics and Finance at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

She completed her studies at Stellenbosch University and worked for institutions such as the Bank of Namibia and Deloitte.

Here are just a few of the amazing things Miriam says in her interview:

“I think for me one of the most important values that I’ve learnt is integrity. There’s a lot of times people challenge your ethics or challenge your integrity and it all just comes back to those basic, basic fundamental principles that we are taught from your university days. You know have integrity.”

“You know I really have a passion for teaching and learning and so I get up in the morning and I’m charged and I love what I do, so ja, sometimes like I said it’s not the same as corporate, it’s got its own frustrations and things like that, but because the career path is so rewarding for me, I get up with a smile on my face.”

“It all comes back to passion, what is the thing that drives you, what is the thing that makes you happy, why did you choose the career path in the first place or why did you choose the profession in the first place. There must have been some sort of spark for you when you chose the career path, but sometimes you just need to sit down and ask yourself why am I doing this you know and what makes me happy. So self inspection, if I can call it that, but go back to the drawing board and ask yourself, what is the thing that made me want to pursue this profession in the first place.”

Watch this this incredible story with us… If You Can. ICAN.