Indulge In Quality Film Content At The EU Film Festival

From the international award scooped by ‘Baxu and the Giants’ (a Namibian short film featuring ten-year-old Camilla Jo-Ann Daries), to the highly anticipated Namibian Film Awards which took place on 5 October, the Namibian film sector has been abuzz with excitement.

Adding to this atmosphere of appreciation for cinematic productions, the European Union Film Festival will be held in Windhoek from 28 October to 3 November, and in Swakopmund from 4 November to 9 November.

By attending the festival, you get to view a world of films from the 2019 British Drama ‘The Boy who Harnessed the Wind’ to the 2017 Finnish Biographical Drama ‘Tom of Finland.

The festival is part of a European Commission supported project which aims to enhance the quality of film festivals and strengthen cooperation with local stakeholders.

According to the EU delegation in Namibia, this film festival is a good opportunity to bring people together, to embrace diverse cultures and topics, to inspire and ignite creativity.

Through the festival, the EU further encourages cultural cooperation as a method of promoting dialogue and fostering mutual understanding within and between societies.

With the amount of local content lighting up the big screen both locally and internationally, the next EU film festival in Namibia will hopefully feature local productions from Namibia’s thriving film sector.

 Here’s a full list of screenings:


All screenings will be at 19h00 and will be free to the public.

Venues: Ster Kinekor Maerua Mall (Windhoek) and Atlanta Cinema (Swakopmund).

–  EU Delegation to Namibia