Inspiration Tables: 15 – 16 September

If you love a bit of lifestyle – unique design and artisan style anything then you have to head out to this exhibition.

The first ever Inspiration Tables 2017 is a premium handcraft and service exhibition that provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their perfect imperfections. A platform for like-minded people to interact, learn and form part of an ever-increasing non-mass produced final user of high end products and services which form part of the organic and made with passion movement – to own a piece of someone`s heart.

The Inspiration Table Mission: To provide curated, one of a kind and authentic hand produced products of the highest possible quality to the public on a fun, interactive and sharing platform creating a policy of easiness, honesty in design and creative perspective.

The Inspiration Table Vision: Experience true artistry through design and processes, non-mass production of items and or services and artistry in all its forms be it design, craft, hobby patenting, service delivery of products and service be it edible,art, usable or graphic or musical in form.


When starting with the concept of Inspiration Tables/ Inspirasie Tafels we wanted to create a perfect “playground” for the show goer to enjoy the CREATIVE Process of the artisan, the crafter, the foodie, the musician and the famous… through originality,distinctiveness, innovative, local products and services.

We will turn the table on how the thought process is determined and enlighten the guest/family/friends with a fresh interactive approach to enjoy Tables/Tafels over the three days by providing a platform of innovative ideas that is new, not seen or experienced in Namibia before.

The three-day period will include the following:

– Live Cooking demonstrations by current Television Foodies, e.g Kokkedoortjie, Siba
– Live Cooking Demonstration and Talks by Namibian Foodies and Eatery owners
– Live Fashion and Interior fundi talks
– Live Musical interludes and different Genres perspective from Classic to Folk Rock.
– Children Playgrounds and touch and learn space “The Castle..Die Kasteel.”
– Craft and design
– Art study and exhibition
– Eateries-Street cuisine and cultural favorites
– “Drinkies”:Craft beers and wine routes, The whiskey Connoisseurs and the “Gin Taste”
– New product platforms- icons
– Interior design and trend Shapers
– Jewelry design
– Fashion enterprise and Couture design
– Furniture and Trends
– Nostalgic “bring backs”
– Vintage finds


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See you there!