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International IDEA Secretary-General visits Namibia ahead of Elections

Dr. Kevin Casas-Zamiro, the Secretary-General of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), will visit Namibia this week to strengthen the robust partnership between Namibia and IDEA in fostering democracy and ensuring electoral integrity.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia values the invaluable support and expertise provided by International IDEA, which plays a crucial role in strengthening Namibia’s electoral systems and processes. Dr. Casas-Zamiro’s visit will involve engagements with the Commission and key stakeholders to discuss best practices and innovative approaches in electoral management. This exchange of knowledge and experience is expected to benefit not only Namibia but also contribute to the global promotion of democracy and good governance.

As Namibia prepares for the 2024 General Elections, the Commission is confident that Dr. Casas-Zamiro’s visit will further enhance collaboration with International IDEA, advancing electoral democracy in the country.