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IOM Receives about N$11 million Aimed at Aiding Trafficking Efforts in Namibia

“The Government here as everywhere, is given a chance to examine the information and if they don’t agree with some statement in the report or if they believe that more relevant information could be incorporated then they have every opportunity to provide that to us as we prepare for the following years report, “said US Ambassador to Namibia Thomas Daughton. Ambassador Daughton was  responding  to a question on the legitimacy of  a 2015 US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report that stated, that Namibia is a country where children, and to a lesser extent women, are subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.

In Spotlight News this week, US Ambassador to Namibia Thomas Daughton, in an exclusive interview with 99FM’s Maggie Forcelledo, speaks on the Human Trafficking/ Trafficking in Persons Report 2015 on Namibia.