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Looking At The Bright Side, From The Dark Side Of The Moon

This year has taught me a great deal – from joblessness, traumatic events and dysfunction. All the while it seems as though it never even happened.

I Unknowingly isolated myself. My being absent from the world and the lives of the people who matter most to me gave way to the malignancy of unseen forces, induced even further by thoughts of separateness.

A multitude of events triggered so much I never knew existed within me.

Above all, I knew that it was all meant for me, and that it was rectifiable, only from within.

I felt really tested this year, and as result I was forced to gain new perspectives on everything I thought I knew. I was forced to take stock of my whole being and who I thought myself to be.

Today, I am almost free to truly be.

After much deliberation with self, I realised that life was testing my character and that these experiences and sometimes people whom I thought to be negative, were all there to teach me something that would last for the greater part of my life.

“In every adversity there is the same or greater good” – Napolean Hill.

I think it’s easy to have negative situations take a hold of you and your life direction – it’s much harder to see the positive in every adversity. The moment we start to see the positive in every negative situation, our mind, and in turn our lives start to change, life matches the good we see in the world and others by giving us more good.

I encourage you to see life from a new vantage point.

To liberate yourself of toxic ways of being that stifles your true journey/being and beauty. Once we realise that the negatively charged aspects of life are not things which have nothing to do with us, but rather view them as spectacles from which we can learn, our lives begin to open up like the Lotus flower.

Take full control of your life, navigate yourself from within, from your gut/heart. We humans are much more intelligent than we realise. Anything you can imagine is attainable –  you need only to see it clearly and believe. You might not know it yet but everything you’ve ever wanted is already with you, everything you’ve wanted to be, you are – you need only actualize it.

Don’t settle for playing a minor role in the movie of your own life. Go forward and live a rewarding life filled with opportunity.


~ Golden Pegasus