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Namibia launches African Peer Review Mechanism Country Review Report

His Excellency President Nangolo Mbumba officially launched the inaugural African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Country Review Report for Namibia, underscoring Namibia’s unwavering commitment to fortifying its governance framework and fostering socio-economic development.

The APRM, a cornerstone of the African Union’s agenda, is dedicated to ensuring that the policies and practices of participating member states align with agreed-upon political, economic, and corporate governance values. Through rigorous assessments and collaborative efforts, the APRM aims to propel the continent towards the objectives outlined in the mutually endorsed Development Agenda 2063.

Namibia’s journey with the APRM commenced in January 2017, marked by the establishment of robust national structures. Led by Ambassador Wilfried Emvula, a dynamic 13-member National Governing Council was formed, entrusted with providing strategic policy guidance for APRM country processes. Additionally, Ambassador Lineekela Mboti assumed the pivotal role of Focal Point and Chief Executive Officer, spearheading the coordination of APRM activities within the country.

The groundwork for the Country Review Report was laid with the commencement of the Country Self-Assessment Report in September 2020. This comprehensive evaluation paved the way for a thorough Peer Review conducted by the APRM in 2021, facilitated by the University of Namibia’s credible assessment.

During the Peer Review mission in November 2021, Namibia hosted frank and open discussions with the APRM Continental Secretariat, reflecting the diverse viewpoints inherent in its democratic society. These deliberations culminated in tangible progress, exemplified by the completion of the Targeted Review Report on Youth Unemployment and the comprehensive Country Review Report.

In acknowledging the efforts of the outgoing National Governing Council and lead panel members, the President extended gratitude for their unwavering commitment to the APRM’s objectives. While the launch of the Country Review Report marks a significant milestone, the true measure of success lies in the effective integration of its recommendations into existing sectoral strategies and plans.

To facilitate this integration, the Continental Secretariat has mobilized funding to augment national resources for the implementation of the National Plan of Action. Furthermore, the government is considering the establishment of a permanent National Secretariat to ensure the seamless coordination of APRM activities and programs, pending the outcomes of a feasibility study inclusive of stakeholder engagements. The President commended Prof. Eddy Maloka, the outgoing CEO of the APRM Continental Secretariat, for his tireless dedication to governance improvement across the continent. Additionally, he congratulated the Ambassador Marie Antoinette Rose Quatre on her appointment as the new CEO, heralding a new chapter in the APRM’s pursuit of excellence.

Mbumba further urged all stakeholders to collaborate wholeheartedly in the full implementation of the National Plan of Action.

-Poster (Namibian Presidency)