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Namibia urges restraint in Middle East amid escalating tensions

Namibia has expressed concern over the ongoing developments in the Middle East, cautioning that the situation could escalate into a broader conflict affecting the entire region and beyond. The Namibian government is urging all parties involved to exercise maximum restraint and avoid actions that could further destabilise the already fragile situation.

The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation emphasised that attacks, counterattacks, and threats of reprisals are counterproductive to peace and contrary to the principles upheld by all United Nations members. Namibia’s stance on the matter is guided by its Constitution, which supports resolving international disputes through peaceful means.

The Minister of International relations and Cooperation, Peya Mushelenga is calling on the international community, particularly the United Nations, to work towards finding an impartial diplomatic solution that will lead to lasting peace and stability in the region.

So far, the government has not received any reports of Namibian nationals being affected in Israel or other areas of conflict. Namibian citizens in these regions are encouraged to notify the Ministry of their whereabouts and exercise caution to ensure their safety.

As a responsible member of the international community, Namibia will continue to closely monitor the situation and advocate for peaceful resolutions in the Middle East.