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Natural Hair Stories: Part 1 (Trends)

Natural hair.

I gave mine a name: “The Mane”.

It’s wild, ferocious, at times obedient, other times temperamental, and when it gets wet, it shrinks (shrinkage is real and it hurts). My natural hair is beautifully complicated…then again, so am I.

In the words of Solange: “Don’t touch my hair, when it’s the feelings I wear.”

Natural hair is a feeling. A feeling of pride, other times a feeling of frustration. Mostly it’s a feeling of self, an identity.

Now that winter is over, I’m feeling like getting out of the loop of  protective styles and actually get back into the mood of things and try out something new and fresh. It’s Spring after all.

Here are the top 4 latest Spring/Summer Natural hair trends for us to try.

1. Cut and color.

The scariest word ever to be uttered to girls with natural hair: COLOR!

We dare not mention it. It’s as frightening as saying Beetlejuice’s name three times.

No need to for fear ladies. According to naturalhairforbeginners.com, every color and hybrid on the rainbow can be achieved and without even damaging your hair by simply using chalk, colored wax and even temporary sprays.

Now that winter is over, feel free to feel the wind ‘on’ your head. Go short, add color. Just Like Ann


2. Flowers.

Release your inner Afro-boho chicness with flower power this season.

There’s no wrong way to do it. You can have a crown of flowers or just one here and there or simply just one statement piece flower.

Flowers are a great accessory piece. They add a dash of color and pizzaz.

Flowers look great on every natural hair type and texture, short or long hair. Try them on a variety of styles like curls, coils, Afros and even Bantu knots as shown here by Zoey.

3. Volume  

You can go extremely short with a dash of color (No.1) or you can go BIG! The two extremes are the seasons hit.

Volume is the thing of the season.

It’s time to wear your crown and wear it loud. Voluminous hair is taking center stage.

Chanel your inner SZA, and work it! 

4. Bangs

Bangs. We’re used to this look on straight hair. It’s almost scary to try it with Natural hair, but it works. Not only does is work, it rocks. Hair stylist to the stars, Chuck Amos says, The ’80s are back. “Fringe is easy to style and versatile to wear. You can wear them on the side or separate them in the two sections in the middle, like curtains”, he  says.

Loini, rocking the two looks together.