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Nedbank & Simonis Storm discussing Namibia’s Budget 

Not many of us are economists and financially literate out here, so when the Government shares the budget we’re so confused and all we really want to know is, “how is this going to affect my pocket in layman’s terms?”.

Nedbank and Simonis Storm are teaming up with a panel discussion on Wednesday, 27 May to help us all, not just the calculator geeks, to understand how the Government will be spending our tax money. And let’s be honest, with an already shaky economy and COVID-19, this is one budget spend we NEED to understand.

Nedbank and Simonis Storm budget speech discussion LIVE stream

When:   Wednesday 27 May, one hour after the budget speech.

Where:  99FM Facebook

Topics : National spending; Tax; Consumer implications etc.

So join Nedbank and Simonis Storm as they present an in-depth and informative discussion of the 2020/21 Namibian budget as tabled by the Finance Minister.

  • This event is proudly sponsored by 99FM