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No Employment Guarantee after Training, say “Struggle Kids”

The children of the liberation struggle spokesperson Tuhafeni Nhinda said the N$11m Government is allocating to the “struggle kids” is a political game. Nhinda questioned why the money is kept in the SME Bank and not given to the Ministry of Youth, stressing that there is no guarantee that the money will be used for the children of the liberation struggle. Nhinda said they only want the jobs that were promised to them. He however welcomes the training that Government is offering, but said they want to know what happens after they have received the training, adding that there is no guarantee that they will get jobs after they have completed the training.

“The Struggle kids are just demanding employment from Government which was promised in 2002 and also they were registered with the Ministry of Youth in 2008/9”, said Nhinda.

This week Spotlight News sat down with “Struggle Kids” spokesperson Tuhafeni Nhinda on the N$11m allocated to them, the reason why they are refusing to get training, promises that Government made to them as well as the way forward.