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Oc Ebs and Sanet Prinsloo are Comedy Gold in new Influencer Campaign 

What do you get when you put a popular social media personality and a renowned chef from the land of meat-eating lovers in a shop isle with the most popular meat cuts in the country?

Chaos, commotion, and ultimately some bonding over a Namibian table favourite – Meat!

In a one of a kind influencer marketing campaign, Oc Ebs and Sanet Prinsloo take followers on a hilarious adventure and use their love for social media and meat to connect with audiences.

Influencer Marketing is the biggest trend in marketing when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It makes use of celebrity endorsements to influence the purchasing decisions of current and potential customers..In South African marketers have also embraced this trend as can be seen with the Dare To Compare’ campaign with comedian Lasizwe Dambuza.

In Namibia, influencer marketing is slowly becoming one of the tools that marketers are using to connect with audiences and for Hartlief, it was done by using two people with diverse following to showcase Hartlief’s new Shop and Bistro.  

Namibians absolutely love Oc Eb’s bold personality and her viral cooking videos are proof of that. The larger than life alter ego of media personality Milton Xuro has over 36 000 followers on Instagram and her vidoes garner up to 18 000 views. On the other hand, Sanet Prinsloo is a prominent figure in the culinary world who loves cooking as a form of creative expression. 

Bringing these two together on an influencer campaign has clearly worked, with the Hartlief Bistro video quickly gaining traction on social media soon after it was released. At the time of writing this blog it already had over 30 000 views. 

If you haven’t seen the video yet you can watch it below and enjoy a good Namibian influencer campaign.