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An appreciation of Fathers

Every Fathers Day reminds me that we don’t appreciate our fathers enough. Before my father passed away, I must admit that I never really gave the holiday much thought. Now that he’s gone, though, I feel like the holiday has taken on a new meaning. I’m not sad – no, not at all! I’ve just come to realise how little our fathers truly get out of Fathers Day. If I could go back now I would celebrate it with all the cake and balloons and party music and dancing ponies – you name it.

Fathers Day is a reminder that we must show the people in our life that we love them, to tell them how much they mean to us. Our fathers do so much for us, they are the rock under our feet, keeping us steady and navigating us through life’s windy weather.

I celebrate Fathers Day by giving thanks to the fact that I was lucky enough to have the wonderful, wise and caring father I did. So for me, Fathers Day is a day to appreciate the relationship that exists between a child and their father – a relationship that is so important and so magical.

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!


This Father’s Day we asked listeners to send us a few words about the wisdom that their fathers taught them. Here’s what they sent:


Penny Gotlieb Impinge: My daughter if I, your dad can’t provide and satisfy all you need & want, then no man and I mean no guy can provide and satisfy you with all your needs & want, so work hard to get anything you need and want by using your hands and mind – Tate Gotlieb A Ipinge

Ailly P Silas: Never forget where you come from.

Zenzi Awases:Stand up for what you believe in…

Selma Nakashua Gwalamba Jeremia: No matter how poor you are don’t forget to pray and always thank God for giving you life.

Zenobia Zeloryn Xoagus: Remember how we raised you and where you came from and always keep your values as a woman, a daughter, a sister and a mother.

Rachel PeWa Ngesheya: Never let a man disrespect you.

3Emily Dausas: He always says: Know that wherever you are and whatever you do, my daughter, read the bible and hold on to prayer, never lose hope, and be strong.

Levine Kagisho Duur-gat: He calls me Mamma and today people call me mamma. Distance is killing me; I miss him so dearly . God is love.

Chamz Wild-Rose Uahindua: Reward comes after hard work.

Stellcia Cloete: Never stop praying in good or bad time, put God first and praise him anywhere, anytime.

2Esther Nuuyoma: Work hard but make sure you do not stress yourself out so much that you lose your sanity, you can’t do without it. Emotional intelligence is key! Never get comfortable with poverty.

Jenny Derday: Everything happens for a reason.


Timothy Lameck Hauwanga: That I must be dedicated, determined, hard working and I must not forget where I came from. I must have endless respect for everyone and God must be my number one priority; have faith and believe in him no matter what it takes. Eventually I must be the change I wish to see in this world.

Snazy Shinana: Be on your own and believe on your own, know where you’re coming from, no matter how you are or where you’re coming from , have respect wherever you are and keep your almighty words in your mouth as well in your mind.

Compiled and written by Nina van Schalkwyk