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Pick n Pay Celebrates 20 Years with Adri Erwee

Pick n Pay is celebrating 20 Years of impacting Namibian lives!

To commemorate this great achievement Pick n Pay has teamed up with 99FM’s Kirsty Watermeyer to tell the great stories of all those behind the scenes!

In this episode Kirsty sat down with the Adri Erwee, the HR Manager of Pick n Pay Namibia.

“Currently we employ 65% of our workforce consist out of females. Where as opposed to only the 35% male that we have in the business. So far PicknPay believes in empowering also women.”

“Inspiration is so important to motivate your employees and to provide hope. Without hope no one will be productive and no one will be performing to the best of their abilities.”

“The opportunities are definitely there, one has to look for it. It does not just fall into your lap.”

Pick n Pay, Inspired by You.