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Pick n Pay Celebrates 20 Years with Riaan Steenkamp

Pick n Pay is celebrating 20 Years of impacting Namibian lives!

To commemorate this great achievement Pick n Pay has teamed up with 99FM’s Kirsty Watermeyer to tell the great stories of all those behind the scenes!

In the last episode Kirsty sat down with Riaan Steenkamp, the IT Manager of Pick n Pay.

“Having that opportunity and you look back and finding a place for your family to stay. I mean I had a daughter who was about 6 months old and the business I was working for closed down. So I started to look for things I could do to support my family.”

“The goal was never to work towards getting recognition, appreciation & becoming a valued star. I was just doing what I have to do and doing extra, I think the reward comes as a bonus.”

“It feels awesome, you feel like you’re part of a team and I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for an awesome support structure and great team to work for.”