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Building Teams To Cope & Grow Through Adversity with Teambuild Namibia.

Teambuild Namibia fosters positive working relationships through carefully planned group challenges that require teamwork, problem solving and communication.  They’ve teamed up with experts from different fields to design interactive online sessions to help teams with the tools they need while working remotely. The flow of the online interactive sessions will move from acknowledging where the teams are right now to …

Vacancy – Radio Programme Controller

Attracted to our vibe? Our TribeFire Studios reason – To ignite and kindle a growth mindset that enables positive personal and collective change.  Words that make us happy:   Relevant. Future. Growth. Community. Influence. Diverse, Positive. Create. Future. Action. Your reason? YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE If one or more of the words that make us happy also makes you …

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary – Episode 6: Looking The Part

Stylist-extraordinaire Martina Pieper shares how her brand ‘Styled By Martina’ found its feet at RMB Song Night as we wrap up the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast. Together with Lize Ehlers, she explains the importance of ‘Looking The Part’ as an artist in this final episode. Catch the final episode of the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast this evening at …

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary – Episode 5: The Role of Make Up

Makeup artist to the stars, Miss Jey Arts makes sure that RMB Song Night performers always look their best. In Episode 5 of the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Vodcast, she opens up about the realities of the entertainment industry and why make-up and grooming are important to a performer’s image. Catch the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast every Monday at …

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary – Episode 4: Technically Speaking

Episode 4 of the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast themed ‘Technically Speaking’ breaks down the technicalities of making music. It features Karl Ehlers, a man of many talents who amongst many things serves as the RMB Song Night Sound and Light Engineer. Catch the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast every Monday at 18h00, only on 99FM.   #10yearanniversaryvodcast #rmbsongnight #99fm …

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary – Episode 3: Capturing The Moment

Martin Amushendje joins Episode 3 of the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast to share how he does his part to nurture the Namibian sound through his lens. Catch the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast every Monday at 18h00, only on 99FM.   #10yearanniversaryvodcast #rmbsongnight #99fm #capturingthemoment #martinamushendje

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary – Episode 2: Branding & Balance

Episode 2 of the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast is here to once again celebrate a decade of nurturing the Namibian sound. This time around, host Lize Ehlers chats to Adriano Visagie about the purpose of the people behind the RMB Song Night team. Catch the RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary vodcast every Monday at 18h00, only on 99FM.   #10yearanniversaryvodcast …

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Episode 1
RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Episode 2
RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Episode 3
RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Episode 4
RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Episode 5
RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary Episode 6

RMB Song Night #10YearAnniversary – Episode 1: Just Show Up

Welcome to the RMB Song Night 10 Year Anniversary vodcast which for the next 6 weeks features interviews with the creatives who made this chapter of Song Night a success. In episode one, host Adriano Visagie chats to Song Night founder Lize-Leandra Ann Ehlers about the power of showing up in life, in love, and in your work. Catch the …

The FeelCast Episode 6: Emotional Intelligence

Do you consider yourself emotionally intelligent? Listen to the sixth and final episode of ‘The Feel Cast’ to find out which side of the Emotional Intelligence scale you likely fall under. Elsabè Grotzinger, a Clinical Psychology Intern, and Social Worker gives us a better understanding. Catch The FeelCast every Monday at 18h00, only on 99FM. The FeelCast is proudly brought …

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