Bravo Namibia – Budget Review with Johan Nel

Johan Nel from PwC Namibia gave us an insight into the latest budget review on this throwback episode of the Bravo Namibia show. He touched on the notable amendments, expenditure reallocation well as an overall impression of the mid-term budget review. Tune in to ‘Bravo Namibia’ on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 07h20.   #99FM #99FMBravoNamibia #BudgetReview #PwC

Bravo Namibia – FES African Media Barometer

We get to know all about the African Media Barometer (AMB) on this edition of the Bravo Namibia show. Maya Kotungondo who is the Junior Project Support Manager for the fesmedia Africa team gave us all the details including the benefits of the AMB, how it’s conducted and why it’s so important for media and communications sector stakeholders. Tune in …

Bravo Namibia – Fudge Indulge

We say bravo to Criszelda Heyman, the brains behind Fudge Indulge – a small business with a mission to sell gourmet fudge at affordable prices. Criszelda shares with us the exciting journey she’s had since partnering with Sugar King. Tune in to ‘Bravo Namibia’ on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 07h15.   #99FM #99FMBravoNamibia #fudge #FudgeIndulge

Bravo Namibia – Hopeful Children’s Centre

We say ‘Bravo’ to the Hopeful Children’s Centre with this interview with founder Bianca Mokhatu who gives us an insight into how the centre came into existence. She also gives us details on what the centre offers to marginalised and vulnerable children and how Namibians can help them continue the work they do. Tune in to ‘Bravo Namibia’ on 99FM …

Bravo Namibia with Local MAYnia on One Africa TV

This week we say Bravo to One Africa TV for continuing to shine the light on proudly Namibian content. We chat to the station’s Content Sourcing Editor and Executive Producer Taleni Shimhopileni about the seven local shows currently airing on the platform. Tune in to ‘Bravo Namibia’ on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 07h15.   #BravoNamibia #OneAfricaTV #OATV

Bravo Namibia – Rudie de Klerk

When it comes to stories of hope and survival, very few can come close to what Rudi de Klerk went through on a trip to the DRC which was to forever change his life. #BravoNamibia celebrates his heroic survival and the sacrifices of the Namibian and Congolese people who helped him recover from an elephant attack.