The Social – The HAVAL Jolion

“There’s really just good things to say about the Haval.” Christine Mboma and HAVAL Pupkewitz’s Aina Amushendje were in studio to chat with Mo about the new HAVAL Jolion that Christine has been trying out. Catch The Social on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 08h30.   #99FM #99FMTheSocial #HAVAL #HAVALJolion

The Social with Yango Namibia

“With every ride you request you can share your location with a friend. Even if they don’t have the Yango app.” The new ride-sharing app in Namibia is called Yango Namibia and Morris sat down with its Country Manager, CJ Dumeni to talk more about how the app benefits not only riders but drivers too. Catch The Social on 99FM …

The Social with Ministry of Mines & Energy on: Fuel Prices

“We always try to do our best to offer relief to consumers.” Sibo was joined in studio by Abednego Ekandjo, a Petroleum Economist at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, to talk about fuel prices and more. Catch The Social on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 08h30.   #99FM #99FMTheSocial

The Social on How To Avoid Falling Victim To Fraud

“The fraudster will call you first and then immediately a person will call you saying they are from the bank, saying someone tried to hack your account and you need to give them the details. So now you are in a panic, you just do it.” Sibo found out all you need to know to avoid becoming the victim of …

The Social with Dr Alfredo Hengari

“Over the past eight years we’ve gone through a very challenging period as a nation.” Morris had the opportunity to sit down with the Press Secretary at the Office of the President, Dr Alfredo Hengari, to talk about what has been achieved during the Year of Reimagining and what lies ahead. Catch The Social on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at …

The Social with Harry Riegel

“Namibia is home. I’m living in Europe because of my work but whenever I come to Windhoek I feel like ‘Wow, this is my home.’” Sibo and Mo spoke with real-life magician and mentalist, Harry Riegel, about his upcoming three-man show in Namibia, “Magic Words Tour”. Catch The Social on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 08h30.   #99FM #99FMTheSocial #WHTC

The Social – Welwitchia Health Training Centre (WHTC)

“We are trying to reach as many people as possible so that we can help them out.” Eliaser Itembu and Innocent Shamgombe from the Welwitchia Health Training Centre spoke with Morris about the WHTC’s latest programs to help students improve their marks. Catch The Social on 99FM Mondays to Fridays at 08h30.   #99FM #99FMTheSocial #WHTC

The Social with Guy Deacon

“If we can get past the stigma of Parkinson’s and get people to look after those that’ve got it, it will make a big difference.” -Guy Deacon Sibo had a chat with Guy Deacon, a Brit travelling through Africa to raise awareness on Parkinson’s Disease. Listen in to what his experience and journey has been like. Catch ‘The Social’ on …

The Social with MysterPratt

“I love ‘love’. I love to see people in love and happy.” -MysterPratt MysterPratt, a Ghanaian MC with 10 years’ experience and over 600 weddings under his belt, recently sat down with Sibo to chat about what’s so special about weddings and why he’s passionate about what he does. Catch ‘The Social’ on 99FM every Monday to Friday at 08h30. …