#TheTribeExclusive – D-Naff

No one does Gospel like D-Naff and we just love catching up with the multiple-award-winning star!   On this episode of #TheTribeExclusive, he tells us about the most unconventional collaboration he cooked up recently and everything else that’s currently happening at D-Naff Records.    

#TheTribeExclusive – Alex

Alex Paullin has always been passionate about two things – music and conservation. As part of the Endangered Campaign, he worked with Namibian musicians Elemotho, Lioness & Suzy Eises to use music for awareness for the protection of endangered species. He tells #TheTribeExclusive all about the project.

#TheTribeExclusive – Himba Boi

This time around on #TheTribeExclusive we’re touching base with Himba Boi, who has been quiet for a minute but he is back! Find out what the young musician has been busy working on, including brand new music. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited.

#TheTribeExclusive – Fasie Kay

As 2020 comes to an end we continue to celebrate the sounds and vibes coming out of the land of the brave. Join us as we do so in this episode of #TheTribeExclusive in our first interview with Okinikini Records rising star, Fasie Kay.

#TheTribeExclusive - Abdallah

#TheTribeExclusive – Abdallah

#TheTribeExclusive makes sure you’re updated with you’re favourite Namibian musicians and this interview is no better. Award-nominated rap sensation Abdallah brings us the latest news from his corner – working on his latest album, collaborations to look out for on the project and what it was like to take part in a talent competition. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly sponsored by @NamibiaBreweriesLtd.

#TheTribeExclusive - DJ Kboz

#TheTribeExclusive – DJ Kboz

No doubt one of the top producers and DJs in Namibia, DJ Kboz has definitely earned the nickname Turntable King. As the producer behind some of your favourite musician’s hit songs, this music maker definitely has the magic touch.🔥 We touch base with him to find out what he has been up to this year. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly sponsored by …

#TheTribeExclusive - Ou Billem

#TheTribeExclusive – Ou Billem

Ou Billem returns to #TheTribeExclusive talking about choosing his stage name as a way to celebrate his identity, his NAMA glory and some of the moments that led him to where he is today. On this interview, the ‘Sobiso’ hitmaker also shares with us some laughter and wisdom as he tells us his story. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly sponsored by Namibia …

#TheTribeExclusive - Jackson Wahengo

#TheTribeExclusive – Jackson Wahengo

He sings, writes music and is lethal on the guitar. In this episode of #TheTribeExclusive, the talented Jackson Wahengo chats to us about using creativity to get through tough times plus his upcoming live online concert on the 14th of October and teaching the rare skill of playing the traditional guitar. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited.

#TheTribeExclusive - CJP

#TheTribeExclusive – CJP

This episode of #TheTribeExclusive will give you straight up nostalgia as The Kalaharians veteran, CJP gives an exclusive look at what’s been cooking in his corner. He tells us what he got up to while based in Kenya, what was the #DeadlyGround experience like for him as well as his take on the Namibian music industry today. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly …

#TheTribeExclusive - Fidel

#TheTribeExclusive – Fidel

Retired from the rap game but still passionate about the Namibian music industry, rapper Fidel Odell sat down with #TheTribeExclusive to talk about #DeadlyGround – a hip hop movement that’s brought together some of the country’s most talented lyricists on explosive collaborations. #TheTribeExclusive is proudly sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited.