The Warm Up with MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League

A proudly Namibian show which airs on One Africa TV, The MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League focuses on developing young soccer players in the areas of sport and academics. The league has been a big hit and on this episode of ‘The Warm Up’, we find out how communities are benefiting from this initiative. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM …

The Warm Up with Ryan Nyambe

The Warm Up catches up with Namibian soccer sensation Ryan Nyambe on this episode. We chat about all things soccer, grassroots development, and what the future looks like for this talented sports star. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM every day at 09h35.   #TheWarmUp #RyanNyambe #sport #fitness #soccer

The Warm Up with Megan Lombardt

“I’m actually very aggressive and focused on the court but off the court, I’m the opposite. I’m very chilled.” -Megan Lombardt Namibian tennis star Megan Lombardt has big dreams of excelling in the sport on an international level. She shares her career highlights and hopes for the future on The Warm Up. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM every day …

The Warm Up with CJ Kotze

Get to know Namibia’s trailblazing Woman’s Rugby coach as we sit down with her on ‘The Warm Up’. Christel Janet Kotze (CJ) takes us into her world, talking Rugby, bouncing back from a career-changing injury and making an impact through the work that she does. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM every day from 09h35.   #TheWarmUp​​​ #ChristelJanetKotze​​​ #sport​​​​ #Rugby

The Warm Up with Ronny Kanalelo

On this episode of the ‘Warm Up’, we catch up with a Namibian soccer legend Ronny Kanalelo who lets us in on what he’s been up to. So if you love soccer and want to know what this member of the famous Brave Warriors’ class of ’98 is doing on and off the pitch, listen to the full interview here. …

The Warm Up – Joviita Kandjumbwa

Joviita Kandjumbwa is not your average, bubbly Namibian young woman. This vibrant sportscaster brings us sports commentary in the comfort of our homes – making it a point to help change the narrative of Namibian sports through her work. Get up close and personal with her as we get to know her on #TheWarmUp​. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM …

The Warm Up – Janis Stergiadis

Namibian swimmers have performed exceptionally well over the years, doing well on regional and international platforms. One of the clubs that has trained some of the country’s star swimmers is the Dolphin Swimming Club. We sat down with coach Janis Stergiadis who gives us some insights on what it takes to be a good swimmer. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on …

The Warm Up – Robert Haihambo

“One thing about boxing is that fitness is a prerequisite.” -Robert Haihambo Robert Haihambo, a personal trainer who uses a boxing-based approach shares his story of going from being bullied in school to learning how to defend himself and developing a life-long passion for boxing. Looking to boost or switch up your fitness journey? Listen to him on this episode …

The Warm Up – Pandu Nekomba

When Panduleni Nekomba isn’t crunching numbers on his day job as an accountant, he spends his time lifting weights in the gym. He talks to the #WarmUp about the discipline it takes to maintain his impressive physique and how he prepares for big competitions. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM every day at 09h35.

The Warm Up - Hafeni Ndeitunga
The Warm Up - Hafeni Ndeitunga

The Warm Up – Hafeni Ndeitunga

We talk sports management in a pandemic, Namibian club football and youth sports development with Hafeni Ndeitunga on this episode of #TheWarmUp. Catch ‘The Warm Up’ on 99FM every day at 09h35. The Warm-Up is proudly sponsored by Top Score Namibia.