99FM Voicebank Auditions

If you think you have a voice for radio this is your chance to get onto our 99FM voicebank. 

WhatsApp us a voice note of the script below so we can hear if you have what it takes. Share your clip to our Whatsapp on +264817888036 on or before Thursday, 25 February 2021 at 13h00. Successful participants will be called back for an in studio recording (Date TBC). Please also include your name, surname and age in the message. 

NB: If you took part in our 2020 Voice Auditions you don’t have to enter this year again. 

Ready? Okay… aaand hit the record button 🙂


“You’ve heard it all. You don’t need another inspirational quote. You have it all inside of you.

Just show up. Do the work.Take the first step and make it happen.

Put on your boots and do the time. Do the overtime. Show up first. Leave last. Push harder. Go further. Reach deeper.

Go big. You’ve got this.

99FM Do the work”