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Copy of Teambuild Namibia Instagram
99FM App Competitions - Website Posts (2)

Building Teams To Cope & Grow Through Adversity with Teambuild Namibia.

Teambuild Namibia fosters positive working relationships through carefully planned group challenges that require teamwork, problem solving and communication. 

They’ve teamed up with experts from different fields to design interactive online sessions to help teams with the tools they need while working remotely. The flow of the online interactive sessions will move from acknowledging where the teams are right now to shifting their perspectives to help them cope & grow through adversity.

The way the sessions are structured encourage participation & feedback from the teams. When people tell their stories to others who are actively engaged and listening, their neurons fire together and forge deep bonds. This sense that we matter, are connected to others and moving through the tough times as part of a narrative larger than our own is linked to building resilience.

6 part online session:

  • Session One: Touching Base – How are we all feeling at the moment? Holding the space for where we are right now.
  • Session Two: Presented by Christine Hugo of Once Upon a MindConnecting as a group – storytelling. What are the stories we are telling ourselves? Explore how by changing our perspective on the story we are telling ourselves affect the way we cope.
  • Session Three: Presented by Psychologist Eva Thomas: The process of grief. Coping skills to deal with how we are feeling.
  • Session Four: Presented by Debbie Rowles of Think Human Being – The human spirit will always prevail – how finding meaning & purpose builds resilience .
  • Session Five: How do we support each other moving forward
  • Session Six: Presented by Breathwork Expert, Suzi Seha – Increase mental wellbeing through your breathing.

To book a session for your team contact