Experiencing Jameson Connects 2.0 with Khadijah

Jameson Connects 2.0 took place 19 November and Khadijah, musician, artist, influencer and fashionista took over 99FMs spot at the event and here’s what she had to say: 

“Jameson Connects was truly an experience from the moment you entered the gates. You could feel the joy at the event. The word “Connects” was well chosen as I really felt like I was connecting with people. This was evident with no VIP area. We were all vibing together as one. I saw so many familiar faces I haven’t seen in a while. 

There were so many things to keep busy with, like bean bag throw games and table tennis and there was an area where the artist allowed everyone to come and add something to a huge canvas. I loved that. The overcast weather was perfect for this. 

The lineup of performances was also well put together and we could enjoy a blend of sounds all day long. The food was delicious, my favorite was the Jameson-infused burger by Chef Greyton, it was so delicious. And of course, the star of the night was the Jameson cocktails that were just mouth-watering. 

All in all the event was amazing. I’m so happy to have been there. It was well executed! Can’t wait for Jameson Connects 3.0″

Us three Khadijah. Us three.