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Mooks takes the Cake

Welcome to Vibes on Vibes!

Our 99 Factor Presenter search has ended with the raw talented Mootseng taking the win! Mooks, as he has quickly become known in studio, is no stranger to the Namibian radio and music scene. He grew up listening to his dad, the infamous Boli Mootseng, on radio and mixing with Namibian musos. 

When 99 Factor Presenter Search was announced, he saw an opportunity to throw back to the times when he would listen to his dad on the radio as a kid. “Radio was a big part of my relationship with my dad, I loved listening to him,” Mooks remembered.

Mooks is a loving husband and devoted father and enjoys creating content on his socials with a youtube channel called “Music Cave”. Before 99 Factor found him, he would interview Namibian artists and feature the best hip hop music. Hmm… That sounds familiar!

Mooks joins Sibo officially from 31 July on the morning show from 6 to 9 am. He is excited to be a part of Namibia’s radio culture, building connections with the audience and making new friends around the country.