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Namibia to host inaugural Global Africa Hydrogen Summit in September

The Minister of Mines and Energy, honourable Tom Alweendo officially announced Namibia’s plans to host the first Global Africa Hydrogen Summit in September 2024. The event, themed “From Ambition to Action: Fuelling Africa’s Green Industrial Revolution,” aims to bring together international stakeholders to discuss innovative approaches to sustainable energy production on the African continent.

Sustainable energy capital of Africa

Alongside other African nations, Namibia is committed to supporting global decarbonization efforts and recognizes its crucial role in these efforts. Despite contributing less than 5% to global carbon emissions, African countries aim to adopt a Pan-African approach to explore and leverage low-carbon technologies that will drive sustainable growth. Namibia’s hosting of the summit is part of its broader strategy to establish itself as the “Sustainable Energy Capital of Africa.”

The nation boasts significant natural resources, including 11 billion barrels equivalent of crude oil reserves offshore, abundant solar and wind energy, and the third highest uranium production potential globally. Additionally, Namibia can sustainably harvest 46.7 million tonnes of biomass and has the potential to produce green hydrogen at less than $1.5 per kilogram, the Minister said at a media conference in Windhoek. “These bold aspirations entail not only the sustainable utilization of our primary energy resources but also the cultivation of green and blue economic growth engines.

By integrating green hydrogen as a carrier alongside more traditional carriers in the energy mix, our goal is to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce reliance on finite resources”, said Alweendo.

Mutually beneficial partnerships

The government emphasizes the importance of fostering mutually beneficial collaborations to achieve these goals, including investment, policy dialogue, partnerships, skill development, technology transfer, and trade. Further seeking to create an environment conducive to green industrialization, rooted in peace, political stability, rule of law, and good governance.

The Minister extends an invitation to African countries and international partners to attend the summit in Windhoek as it will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and form partnerships to unlock the full potential of renewable energy resources, enhance energy security, and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

As the summit approaches, Alweendo urges stakeholders to engage with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to create a sustainable future for Africa and the world.

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