RDJ Country Briefing

As the United Nations 26th climate change Conference of the Parties (COP26) takes place with a renewed sense of global urgency and importance, the climate crisis becomes an undeniable reality.  COP26 is a Climate Conference hosted by the UN that brings together almost every country on earth for global climate summits in an effort to reach agreements on how to tackle climate change.

RDJ Consulting hopes to approach the challenge of clean energy (such as wind energy, hydro energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy) and the goal of Net Zero with fresh eyes to develop customized and unique strategies for its clients. The move is aligned with its genesis as RDJ Consulting Services CC was founded in 2010 with a single mission. That mission is to make a difference in the Energy & Sustainability landscape.

With the COP26 currently underway in Glasgow, Scotland taking place between 30 October 2021 until 12 November 2021, one of the most pressing goals of the conference will be to achieve a unanimous agreement for global Net Zero by 2050. Curtailing the need for “dirty” or inefficient and unsustainable energy sources (primarily fossil fuels) is an imperative need. These forms of energy are destructive to the planet, affecting Namibia itself as a country that is already susceptible to climate disasters in the form of extreme droughts and floods.

Some of the key steps to achieve Global Net Zero, countries will need to:

  • accelerate the phase-out of coal and other fossil fuels
  • rapidly curtail deforestation
  • speed up the switch to energy efficient fuels such as electric and hydrogen fueled vehicles
  • encourage larger and rapid investment in renewables

RDJ Consulting will continue to monitor events and the outcome as we continue to provide experience and guidance to our clients and the public as an integrated professional services firm. RDJ Consulting strongly believes Namibia has the capabilities to produce a clean and green economy through both electric mobility, hydrogen and other PtX fuels. To produce green hydrogen competitively the country would need world class transmission infrastructure, port facilities and commensurate wind and solar resources, access to sustainable sources of water and land on which to build. All the ingredients that Namibia is certainly capable of and in some cases already possesses.

For more information please follow: https://issuu.com/rdjbriefing/docs/rdj_briefing or reach out directly to briefing@rdjconsulting.co.za

RDJ Consulting is an Energy and Sustainability Consultancy with more than 30 years’ experience in the utility (Water, Electricity and Telecoms), rural and transport sectors. It has for the last ten years been diligently researching Namibia’s and Africa’s clean energy capabilities. RDJ Consulting also through their Monthly Briefing has been documenting Namibia’s Energy capabilities and steps on how the country can actively contribute to the COP26 goals. RDJ has through its work as a Consulting firm and through its publication (the RDJ Briefing), it has been diligently documenting Namibia’s available green energy portfolio. www.rdjconsulting.co.za