The Art of Surviving and Thriving with the African Leadership Institute

When times are tough we often find ourselves trapped in our heads repeating the same thoughts and trying our same old coping mechanisms and sometimes it’s to no avail. 

Albert Einstein rightfully said ‘“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. Perhaps now is the time to get new perspectives and tools to get you back on your feet.  

The African leadership Institute (ALI), a non-profit organisation which equips and develops leaders and individuals to transform themselves, their communities and their country is hosting seminars this July out at the Rock Lodge. 

  1. The Art of Surviving and Thriving
  • Dates: 09-11July 2021
  • Theme: This seminar empowers you with guidelines to go through tough times.
  • Tickets: N$850.
  1. Additional training on Thriving
  • Dates: 10-11 July 2021
  • Theme:This seminar further empowers you with guidance on how to thrive.      
  • Tickets: N$850

To register for any of the seminars, contact Justine Andreas at  or 081 642 8585. 

*Covid -19 protocols will be adhered to, dates and venue subject to change due to covid regulations. All sessions will take place at Rock Lodge, Okahandja. All costs include sharing accommodation, meals and training.